I can help you brainstorm the big picture, organize the nitty-gritty, and increase your work’s reach and impact by freeing up your time and energy for the work you are passionate about. My offerings include:

Managing Overall Communications:

  • Assessments for current communications & marketing strategy and execution including social media, newsletters, direct mail, and website
  • Clear, client-friendly recommendations for optimizing and maximizing impact and reach
  • Increase public awareness, engagement of work

Creating & Distributing Promotional & Press Materials: 

  • Design, format, write, and edit content for newsletters, website, social media, and print media
  • Create professional and effective press kits for ongoing promotional use
  • Write and pitch compelling press releases to print and electronic publications
  • Support website creation, organization, and updates

Fundraising & Crowdfunding:

  • Strategize and advise on targeted, one-time campaigns as well as generalized fundraising
  • Fully flesh out week-by-week action plans to achieve fundraising goals

Building & Nurturing Relationships:

  • Build personal relationships with print and electronic media members
  • Brainstorm and coordinate community partnership programs to strengthen networks, creatively engage audiences, and broaden impact of work

My skills and interests include:

  • Press & media prep, pitches, and placement
  • Crowdfunding campaign strategy
  • Website creation and management
  • Social media strategy and engagement
  • Newsletters content creation, formatting, & distribution
  • Web and social media content analytics and insights
  • Queer, trans, and broader LGBTQI+ justice work
  • Anti-racist, abolition-oriented social justice work
  • Music, theater, film, and digital arts